Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers on Proposed Pipeline (and other links)

Attempting to identify native pollinating species in my community garden plot at Floyd Bennett Field near the site of proposed metering and regulating station

Writing a blog is not unlike sidewalk preaching in that it's a somewhat crazy thing to do. So I'm quite sure that my own writings on the proposed gas pipeline project through Gateway National Recreation Area will not have much significance. Thankfully, there are however longtime environmental activists in the area, like Don Riepe and Dan Mundy (featured in the NY Times article link) that may be able to make a difference in the matter. The Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers and the Jamaica Bay Research and Management Information Network are two places that I will be going for updates on the project. I expect Ned Berke's excellent independent news blog Sheepshead Bites will provide ongoing news coverage even if other press never picks up the story.

According to the information at Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers, the pipeline and the lack of public outreach will be a topic at the April 4th Jamaica Bay Taskforce Meeting. If you are reading this please follow the link to Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers info on the pipeline.

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frank@nycg said...

Thanks for the link to ecowatchers. Very informative and helpful!

Anonymous said...

aha. I just replied to your comment over on Frogma asking if you could recommend any articles about this. I see you can - thanks! I'll have to read up on this - I just heard about it at the Four Sparrows meeting a few weeks ago, but the friend who filled me in on it didn't have a lot of details.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

You're welcome. I was talking with some people over the weekend who are pretty down with most local news/issues and they hadn't heard a peep about it yet. So it is news that needs spreading.