Thursday, February 2, 2012


Dried remains of some Glasswort found near the Peconic
Have I found an ID for the remains above or not? I'd say I'm at least at genus, it being Salicornia, a plant that likes to grow in salt marshes. What did I think about when I first saw it growing in the sand near the Peconic Bay in late summer last year? I wondered whether it was related in some way to either a horsetail (Equisetum genus) or perhaps some kind of sedum. And I wondered whether it might be native or not to salt marsh regions of Long Island (including Queens and Brooklyn, the New York City boroughs that are geographically part of this island). It's been a little more than four months since I saw the plant and those first associations threw me off the trail for a while. Searching for a specific horsetail or sedum proved fruitless and it was only when reading up on plants of salt marsh communities that I discovered the right trail for ID'ing this plant. My best guess at this point it that it is Salicornia bigelovii, also known as Dwarf Glasswort. If you'd like to read more, here's a botanist's take on the plant. It's early February and a long time until I might meet up with this plant again, but next time round, I'll be armed with a little more info about it.

The habitat where it was found

Glasswort or Salicornia (perhaps bigelovii)

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