Sunday, June 10, 2012

Because This Isn't a Wasteland (Say No to H.R.2606, take two)

                            Milkweed, Floyd Bennett Field, Gateway National Recreation Area

It's an invitation to the Monarchs in a city made of concrete and steel.

It's habitat.

It's a National Park, not an industrial park.

Floyd Bennett Field and Gateway National Recreation Area are worth fighting for. Say no to H.R. 2606. This is who you need to contact.

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frank@nycg said...

If I may, I will repost one of your posts on my blog on this issue.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Please do! Word needs to spread far and wide. Highly unlikely that most users of Gateway (jacob riis, aviator at floyd bennett etc) have any idea about what is planned for their park.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Oh, this is sad. I've never been to Floyd Bennet Field but I consider every natural spot in New York to be precious.

By the way, Karen, I noticed that you are a former intern at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I'm considering signing up for the internship, too, for next April. Would you consider briefly sharing your experience with me?

I am definitely an amateur who loves to garden, when I can, and I'm considering, this as a potential career. I'd love to hear your opinion / insight on the program. : )

All the Best,

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Jasmine, if you know Brooklyn Botanic, you can probably guess that spending 8 months there 40 hours a week is a priceless opportunity. I have nothing but good memories of my time there and I imagine that many past interns would say the same. I'd say its best if you are the kind of person who can take advantage (a self-learner) of the opportunity to be around such an amazing collection of plants. And because BBG is small enough, you really come to know it well. There's tremendous talent and knowledge there in the hort staff and my experience was that most people I met (from guards to maintenance to marketing to science dept) seemed to genuinely care deeply about the place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you, sincerely, for sharing more about your experience. : D I've volunteered at BBG twice already but it seems they rarely have work for me as a volunteer, for some reason. I hope they accept me into the intern program. I am certainly a self-learner! I think it'll be perfect for me.

~ jasmine