Friday, June 15, 2012

Some Rockaway Pipeline Coverage this Week

Image from Williams Draft Report for Rockaway Pipeline Project 2009 (filed with FERC) depicting preferred metering and regulation station sites and alternatives as well as pipepine path and alternatives

With FERC's two public scoping meetings this week and the gathering of public comments and issues to study as they get ready to prepare their draft environmental impact statement on the proposed Rockaway gas pipeline project came some news covering the local enivornmental concerns about the plan. The Daily News and Gothamist ran pieces. (you can follow the links to both articles) While I am happy to see some press coverage on the project and the local environmental concerns about it, neither article mentions that this proposed pipeline project requires an act of congress to authorize it (in addition to FERC approval) because it passes through land protected by the National Park Service. I happen to think that this information is pretty important for the public to hear because the public not only has the opportunity to comment and participate now during the FERC process for approving this pipeline but also has the opportunity to give voice on the legislation that if passed will authorize this industrial use of NPS land. The legislation is H.R. 2606, "New York City Natural Gas Supply Enhancement Act" and that information ought to accompany any press coverage of this project.  The public deserves every opportunity to decide how our National Park land is used and whether or not we feel that industrial facilities ought to be allowed in parks and land that is supposed to be protected. I'm of the opinion that industrial facilities do not belong in National Park land.

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