Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where The Bees Are

Hanging around. This afternoon, there was a little party on the corner of Bank and Hudson. Guess maybe they're foodies too (come on they're New York City bees, they know what the trends are) and they heard there was a pop-up food scene in the form of some blooming Lindens and a Goldenrain tree.The honeybee probably got the word through a dance, but I don't know how the Megachile knew. (at least that's what I think the native bee below is.)  Maybe it followed that sweet scent or maybe it just went out like I did for lunch and wandered a bit in search of a bite to eat.


Jen said...

Love that picture. And...embarrassing to say, but I didn't know there were native bees. Time to learn about bees!

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Never embarassing. There's always something to learn. Just don't try to learn them all at once:)