Saturday, February 12, 2011


Saucer magnolia buds in winter Prospect Park
Saucer Magnolia buds this winter, Prospect Park

It isn't true that anticipation belongs to the winter season alone and it isn't true that anticipating the future necessarily equates to ignoring the present. Every season has its moments of waiting and watching and it's anybody's guess whether the blooms are more beautiful than these moments of beauty and anticipation that precede them. Outside now the buds on many trees are becoming more prominent as we anticipate spring.

Magnolia plaza, Brooklyn Botanic
In Magnolia Plaza, Brooklyn Botanic

Emergent lily

Anticipating a lily, emergent in spring

Spring is just as full of anticipation as the winter, though the moments may be more brightly hued. The great bulk of time spent in the garden is in the watching and the waiting, in anticipation, and therein lies almost everything good, all the charm and all the wonder.

Zinnia flower bud before opening

A Zinnia before opening

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