Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dried and Sown

Dried parsley and ivy in window

I still think the dried fruit and seedpods of the ivy pictured above and below look interesting after a week hanging in a vase, and the dry summer parsley holds on, though not as vibrant as when fresh and in season in a bouquet. Last summer, parsley, basil and fennel were some of my favorite flowering herbs from the garden to add to home bouquets.

Dried ivy fruit and parsley

Below, some spinach sown for Joe's cold frame to get a jump on the vegetable growing season. It's anyone's guess when we'll be able to work the soil in our garden plots down at Floyd Bennett. As of Sunday, my plot at least was under more than a foot of snow. Joe's coldframe is completely snow free though.

spinach seeds sown in egg carton

Spinach seeds sown in an egg carton.

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