Thursday, February 3, 2011


Lachenalia at Brooklyn Botanic

Ever since the afternoon in fall when I was introduced to the Lachenalia in the potting room by Carla, I've been waiting to see it bloom and today was that lucky day. Brooklyn Botanic has more than a few species of Lachenalia in its collection, but I think the one pictured here is Lachenalia mutabilis, which has variable colors as it blooms. I was so excited to see it this afternoon in the Warm Temperate Pavilion that I forgot to look for a label. I only helped out with the repotting, but it's always exciting to see something bloom that you once held as a tiny bulb in your hands. It's also amazing to think about what it takes to get this species to bloom here in winter, so far from and in such a different climate than its native habitat in South Africa. You can only catch them blooming inside here in New York and if like me, you lack your own conservatory or enough light and space to grow things indoors, you'll appreciate seeing them at Brooklyn Botanic's.

Lachenalia blooming

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