Monday, February 28, 2011

Datura in February

Datura stromonium seedheads, Floyd Bennett Field

There's something about the seedheads of the Jimsonweed in late winter at Floyd Bennett that feels more like the southwest than the edge of Brooklyn. I guess it must be a pretty powerful hallucinogen if just looking at the seedheads takes you on a trip. The pretty double flowering Datura sp. variety from the rose garden at Brooklyn Botanic pictured below is also pretty out of this world. This weed and plant of many names is both dangerous and beautiful and featured in Amy Stewart's book "Wicked Plants". All its parts are poisonous, but it's the toxic seeds that make it so successful a plant down at our community garden and in many parts of the world.

Beautiful double-flowering Datura variety in the Cranford Rose Garden, Brooklyn Botanic


frank@nycg said...

These grew all over NM. I've always liked the flowers, but the greenery seem weedy to me. Makes me think of another favorite winter seed, the Devil's Claw, Proboscidea

Sweetgum Thursday said...

I don't know the Devil's Claw, but I'll check it out. (My knowledge of the Southwest comes mostly from a brief road trip through many moons ago and Looney Tunes.) I guess you lived there? Must have been fantastic.