Thursday, January 26, 2012

At First You Will Say

Ferraria ferraiola in the Iris family
that you have never seen anything like it. But after more reflection, you might say, but it reminds me a bit of an Iris or below maybe Muscari. And then you will be botanizing old school style before everything was named. The old botanists weren't always right about everything they labelled and sorted, but they were right enough of the time for anyone trying to learn about plants to consider looking at things the way they did. For example, looking for similarities that are visible to the eye when sorting out the world.

(My cellphone camera does not do the colors and the delicacy of these South African beauties justice. They are worth seeing in person over at the Warm Temperate Pavilion that Karla tends at Brooklyn Botanic. So many colors in that small space now.)
Lachenalia mutabilis in the Hyacinth family


frank@nycg said...

I think your cell did a pretty good job of it.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Thanks. Still I think these fine plants deserve a tool with a little more capacity and the cellphone camera really drives me bananas. I have to be smack dab on top of something (unless it's really bright) to get an image with any detail.

Anonymous said...

Hi my is Paul Harrop from the diggers club, could you email me as id like to use your image.

thank you