Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Year There Was Snow on the Ground

This year on the same day, there is the only the coldest weather of the season so far and clear ground. If I was in Prospect Park right now as the sun nears setting on the day, I wonder if I'd be looking at the same things as last year. Would I be counting pine needles, looking at tree silhouettes for clues on identification, or admiring Magnolia buds catching the last light of the day? Probably. One could spend years and years on end, a lifetime really, just getting to know some of what there is in just this one city park. It's a small thing to pay attention to what's growing around you in the moment, a winter bud, branching patterns, or the number of needles on a pine, a tiny thing really, but you are connecting to something bigger with the practice too. I have plans to go for a walk in the park with Susan tomorrow. The goal as always is just to see a little bit more of what there is.


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:) It ain't Vermont, but it will have to do.