Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remembering the Wilds of Two Summer Rides Past

Summer 2010 (but this year, not spotted in the same place, most likely because the mowing cycle was different)

It's a long way from now till the wilds of the roadside weeds pictured here are blooming or going to seed. How long? Until blooming Queen Anne's Lace alongside drying Curly Dock seedheads, like above? Maybe six months. Until the possibility of blooming old field clover at the old airfield I garden at, like below? Maybe five. How much is there to see and learn from now about weeds and wild things until then? An infinite amount.

It's hard not to repeat yourself writing a blog, but perhaps not repeating yourself is an unworthy goal, for we live with and within seasons and cycles, day and night, an almost ridiculously constant repetition, and with changes we sometimes can only notice after long periods of time. It is a very small thing to follow the growth of the things around you, their cycles, and to appreciate them in their moment and make note of it for the future or as my mom likes to say, for posterity. But there are far worse ways to spend your time and your attention. I'd rip these things out if they were in my vegetable garden, but I can love them as I pass them on my way there. We are allowed some duplicity in life.

Summer 2011

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