Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Because Nothing is Wasted

last year's leftovers from the vegetable garden become this year's food for bees and a brilliant splash of yellow. Some people are neat gardeners and already have a real jump on the season, others not so much. It's all good, as the surfers like to say. You know, people will seek out all kinds of ornamental plants with this kind of vertical impact, but in the vegetable garden sometimes it just comes easy if you just let something go. I kind of wish this was my garden right now.


Ellen Zachos said...

There's a spot in Manhattan where this years red tulips are blooming among last year's brassica flowers and the combination is superb! You should put some of these in your flower arrangements. (I'm betting you find a way back into the vacant lot.)

Sweetgum Thursday said...

:) I was just trying out some kind of flowering mustard! Kind of floppy immediately, but maybe if gotten a little earlier...I hope we do make it back in and you don't lose anything on the bet.