Thursday, April 19, 2012

Follow That Gas Pipeline, (Public Meetings on Rockaway Lateral Delivery Project- April 25th,7-9pm, Aviator Sports Complex, Floyd Bennett Field)

Image from paperwork filed in 2009 by Williams..depicting pipeline path and alternatives and possible metering and regulating station sites

It could still be a long way off before major media outlets start following the story of the proposed gas pipeline project through Gateway National Recreational Area, so if you wait to read about it in the paper, you may only hear about the project while it is under construction. Some of the first public meetings about the project are scheduled for April 25th, from 7 to 9pm, at Aviator in Floyd Bennett Field, yet recent documents filed by Williams Transco with FERC indicate that the company anticipates HR 2606 (the legislation that is necessary for the project to move forward) going to the Senate floor sometime in June. It must be nice to be a powerful corporation and have the heads up on when things are happening, as opposed to the people and interested parties in the area (link to Sheepshead Bites, an independent news blog and their coverage of the story) who've mostly yet to hear about, let alone get to offer input, on this use of National Park land. Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers have information about an additional public meeting on the 24th in the Rockaways. What's to say about these public meetings? Well, for starters, let's say they are long overdue. The first paperwork on this project was filed with FERC over three years ago. It seems pretty late in the game for the public to be invited in, but maybe that's just me. I know I'm pretty interested in the particulars of the metering and regulating station that is supposed to be housed in hangars at Floyd Bennett Field, as well as the construction of the pipeline and its potential environmental impact through the area.

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