Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things Left Behind (at the lot)

Someday in the future, when the foreclosure on this lot is finalized and it is auctioned most likely to make way for new condos with lots of glass, the new developers may find some remnants of a little dream before they bulldoze. Some blooms or my watering can. A shovel. A few bags of cut grass stalks salvaged from a work site meant to be lain as mulch. Right now though, the surrounding neighborhood lives with what's left behind from a shady investment and a stalled development site. Weeds and garbage that not only accumulate in the lot but spill out onto the surrounding pavement. (Even the owners or whoever was in charge of fixing the fence followed suit and left their own garbage behind in the form of the chain they temporarily put up to keep the "non-owners" out before repairing the broken fence.)

I think it would have been nicer temporarily filled with flowers. I'm still holding out hope that some of the perennials we moved in can beat out the mugwort with the help of a thin layer of straw mulch. The thought of those unused bags of grass flower stalks are killing me. If I'd known last Monday what I know now, I might just have been late for work and taken the time to protect those plants a little better. But I thought there was more time.


Jen said...

So sad.

frank@nycg said...

Don't be afraid to take what you want! Abide by the law?

Borrow a bolt cutter and cut the fence in the middle of the night. Get in there and do what you must.

That fence was broken by someone in the past. Are we not crazy enough to cut that fence? What was the reason it was cut before? Who knows, some crazy reason. Just an empty lot. Probably only a misdemeanor if you get caught. You'll only get caught if some nosy neighbor turns you in.

You could scale it. Rope ladder. Dig under it. Old school.

frank said...

Oh wait, I see there is a Keep Out sign. Better regard my advice as tongue in cheek.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

perhaps we need that tool the guy used in Shawshank Redemption, Frank? There is only over the fence or through it. Like to grandmother's house:) Thanks for the emotional support Jen. I still think it's better to have loved and lost though. It was worth the fun and the dreaming of it even if it will not pan out. Yes? Like your shop, which I hope is doing all right these days.

Ellen Zachos said...

My soul is with Frank, but my brain is more practical. I'd keep checking out the location, though. Maybe the fence won't last.