Tuesday, May 1, 2012

After the Petals Have Fallen

much beauty remains and there's still the whole year of living and growing to do.


Jen said...

beautiful bursting stars--like little fireworks!

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Right? It's always just about a little moment in the sun catching something beautiful and fleeting. I was weeding.

Amy Cunningham said...

Karen--saw the article about you in the Times today. I work at a green funeral home and there might be times when we would have folks needing sustainable local flowers for arrangements. Didn't see your email. Mine is Amyac123@aol.com. Check out NYCGreenFunerals.com We are on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. __Amy

debra said...

Hello Karen, I hope we can connect - I am so impressed with your endeavors!
Please email me offline when you have a moment,
Debra Prinzing
The 50 Mile Bouquet

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Hi Amy, Susan said she knows you from the coop and will be in touch. Hi Debra, am so looking forward to reading your book. Have really enjoyed the website and stories about flowerfarmers leading up to it.