Saturday, May 26, 2012


I think it's Sedum pulchellum. It's pretty in pink, or according to this source, as its name indicates, it sits beautiful. (In this particular case up high in the skyline of Manhattan.)

It's high time for a real camera. There are tiny lives to capture in bloom and this cameraphone ain't cutting it. So far, the greatest thrill of working in these unique spaces up in the skyline is that they are alive.


sarah said...

I am amazed at what you get with your camera phone. If your budget permits only a point and shoot, may I recommend the mighty Lumix. Panasonic. ZS5 is what I have. Amazing macro capability. All my shots per-January 2012 are from it.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Hey Sarah..I loved my Lumix so much (even though sometimes it was ridiculously difficult to get it to focus on what i wanted) that I actually got another one after the lens scratched and it stopped working. That second one broke too. And faster. Something maybe about the way the lens cover closes and how much i used it while working. I couldn't keep it clean. But I did love that Leica lens it had and your pictures are wonderful.