Monday, May 21, 2012

Yeah I know You're Supposed to Eat Them

but sometimes that feels beside the point. Pictured here, Jen's fire escape chives. I still think everyone ought to have a sweet little box or pot of them.

It's downright ridiculous how many pictures I have of chive flowers. But you know, I've got a thing for the allium flowers. Right now, there are some sweet ones blooming behind a locked fence that I can't get to and drumsticks still to come.

I did manage to nab this lone sweet moly though before the addition of bigger badder lock on the lot.


Ellen Zachos said...

You have an excellent eye...that is indeed Apios Americana. If I had a prize to give, I'd give it to you!

frank@nycg said...

I rarely, pretty much never, eat my chives. If they were in the kitchen, maybe, but they're not.

Jen said...

Extra pretty for being on a fire escape!

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Jen--the other Jen's got it going on. She gardens the stoop, the fire escape and the roof. Frank, we do eat ours. Joe's pretty good about bringing all kinds of goodies home for salads. I'm more forgetful or maybe lazy. And we do eat the flowers. Ellen..have enjoyed your posts on Apios Americana. I had to learn to recognize it, because I introduced it into my garden ( a gift from Uli over at BBG Native Flora) and I was terrified I was going to weed it out.