Thursday, June 23, 2011

Farm Dreams

Brooklyn grown bouquet.

It wasn't so long ago that my farm dreams were of vegetables only. Now I can't picture that fantasy farm in my mind without some part of it dedicated to flower farming. It's too bad that it's a farm dream a century plus too late. There was a time when farms were the norm here in Brooklyn. The end of Brooklyn's agricultural era and the beginning of the development of Brooklyn as we know it today is captured in the book Of Cabbages and Kings County. It's a bit of a dry scholarly read, but interesting. Especially when you think of how some of that agricultural history is being echoed today with the current interest in urban farming, vegetable gardening and rooftop farms. Who knows, maybe farm dreams are universal and we're all just dreaming the same dream these days. And maybe it's not too late. Maybe it's just the right time for farm dreams.

Bouquet by Joe. Nasturtium and lavender from his garden, yarrow and sweet pea flowers from mine.


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That's some computer you've got Granny, that lets you smell the flowers too! I think I need one. Thanks.