Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday's Pollinators

Another Syrphid Fly that you might take for a bee. This one I think could be Eristalis arbustorum, but of course, I'm not an entomologist, just someone looking at pictures and descriptions on I think the genus is at least close. Taxonomy here.

And of course, if the fly is black and yellow, then the bee must be mostly black. I think the bee pictured above and below is a mining bee, possibly in the genus Andrena. And if you think ID'ing plants is hard, insects are that much more impossible. The lesson of the week for me really has just been to marvel at the diversity of the pollinators even here in the city and to watch more closely the world around me. I'm happy too to have the opportunity to tend some land and make it hospitable to these insects.

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