Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Three Reasons to Dig the Potentilla by the Roadside

One: Allograpta obliqua above and below, its tail end.

Two: Toxomerus marginatus above and below. This one was the tiniest, I think.

And three: The Sphareophoria pictured below. (only genus on this one)

Three different species of Syrphid flies spotted on Potentilla by the roadside in Brooklyn one afternoon. Alternate title of this post? Three reasons to dig (and flies that look like bees). If not for this resource, I wouldn't be close to a genus or species ID on these flower-digging flies. This post is for my bug-loving nephew. I'm looking forward to bughunts when we meet up again, hopefully not too far in the future.


sarah said...

It must be week here - I just posted my first ID request. Yippee!

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Sweet. That site is awesome. I'll look on your blog for a picture of a cool-looking unidentified insect.