Monday, June 27, 2011

Flowers in the House (ahem studio)

Fennel, Lavender & Yarrow Bouquet

I'm on the chain gang, the Flowers in the House chain gang that is. I picked up the trail here in Brooklyn at 66squarefeet. The tiny bouquet pictured here is made from edible plants grown in the community garden at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, with the exception of the Fennel, which was wild picked. The lavender and yarrow are leftovers from one of last week's bouquet, but they are flowers that I think fade gracefully. It's a bouquet that perhaps Piet Oudolf would approve of, I think, a somewhat decaying bouquet for a summer day on a somewhat dusty window sill in Brooklyn.

Bouquet of edible plants


flwrjane said...

Welcome, to the chain gang that is.

You could have also picked that bouquet from my garden but then it wouldn't have such a sweet, melancholy story to go with.

Thanks for joining us.


webb said...

Such a pretty grouping. Love the deep purple. I was to smell it!

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Thanks for the warm welcome to you both. Love the idea of celebrating flowers.