Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bedazzled at Brooklyn Botanic

In the Rock Garden, Brooklyn Botanic

It's still my favorite place in the neighborhood to go for a quick walk and be dazzled by plants. Although to be fair, it's hard to be quick when there are thousands of species and varieties to behold. Here, just a glimpse at the lives of three.

Annual Border, Brooklyn Botanic

Annual Border, Brooklyn Botanic


sarah said...

WTF!?!? Who has THORNS on their LEAVES??? Do tell. Wow. Ouch. I also like the middle one - reminds me of how bindweed works, or morning glories. Ah, plant technology. Wonderful.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Close. I think the morning glories and bindweed are related, though not in the same family. Distant cousins perhaps to the solanaceae family, which includes tomatoes and these two plants. The white one unfurling, a Datura. The gnarly thorny one Solanum pyracanthon. Fierce, I know!