Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's Coming Up on Its Own

Some cilantro. Perhaps I will rue the day that I left so much in to flower and go to seed, but right now I'll take the volunteer seedlings that pop up everywhere. My thinking is that something will be coming up anyway, so why not a plant I could use or transplant or give away? And below, some oak leaf lettuce. I let the lettuce flower and go to seed, but wasn't thinking about using the seeds until my garden neighbor Julia got all excited about them. I wasn't sure if the lettuce was hybrid or not and if it would come true from seed, but Julia wanted some and said that it would. So she collected some and I sprinkled some in my garden and let others fall where they might. And they are germinating and coming up already. Of course, there are a lot of seedlings coming up crowded on top of each other, but so what? They can be microgreens.

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