Thursday, September 15, 2011

Something Lost

American Persimmons (Diospyrus virginiana) lost to Hurricane Irene, Brooklyn Botanic

I'd bumped into Uli once or twice since Irene blew through New York City, so I knew that there was damage in the Native Flora Garden at Brooklyn Botanic and that the American Persimmon grove with that deep-fissured bark that I'd loved so had been lost to Irene. But still it was sad to see those Persimmon logs laid so neatly outside of the closed Native Flora yesterday evening. It's a lot of work, cutting down fallen or damaged trees after a storm and it hasn't been finished yet. These are not the only trees that were lost at Brooklyn Botanic, so the arborists and the grounds crew have been plenty busy I imagine.

Below, that beautiful bark while the trees still stood.

Bark of American persimmon, Native Flora Garden, Brooklyn Botanic

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