Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Neighbors are Pretty Sweet

Eggplants courtesy of Tom & Lily, Yellow tomatoes courtesy of Vincent & Julia, spicy peppers and tomatoes via Hippy Joe. The meager leftovers? Me and Joe.

They don't look like rock stars, (although frankly, some of them wouldn't seem out of place as charactors in some sweet and kooky indy movie) but they grow some gorgeous and tasty vegetables that they share with me. And when they're not busy growing vegetables and sharing them, they're busy being featured in the Edible Queens Fall Issue under the moniker of the "Vegetable Fairy of Woodside" or they're busy writing web exclusives for Edible Queens about the Queens Botanical Garden's Children's Garden Program (Marilyn and Shari, respectively).

You know my neighbors don't all dress like rock stars, but they do rock.


flwrjane said...

My kind of neighbors.

They totally rock.

xo Jane

Sweetgum Thursday said...

They do, don't they. Hope you enjoy a beautiful fall down south after the long hot summer you had.