Monday, September 26, 2011

Flowers in the House (Brooklyn Grown)

The flowers began their journey home from Susan's community garden in Brooklyn, making a brief stop on her roof, where we celebrated a break in the grey day as the sun came out only to set a little while later.

A few days later, the sunflower was giving up the ghost and some zinnias and wild pickings (one native, White Snakeroot and one invasive, Porcelain Berry) kept the bouquet going. I was so charmed with the delicate remains of the Spirea x vanhouttei flowers though that I clipped a few to save and they went into a bouquet of dried things.
You can save some money growing some of your own flowers from seed and simultaneously indulge yourself watching something beautiful and fleeting grow. You can save some space even in your vegetable garden for flowering things providing a safety net for your local pollinators and still have bounty for the table in a bowl or a bouquet. Or you could save some oil and grow or buy local organic flowers.
This post is part of a chain gang of flowers in the house with Jane at SmallButCharming as the leading inmate. My theme today is thrift. Follow the links and be inspired to grow something.


flwrjane said...

I always love your flowers and your photos.

I tried to take a window shot a la you but it didn't work. Too much back lighting.

I forget how pretty money plant can be. Now I need some for this weekend's wedding.

xo Jane

Jen of Country Weekend said...

Wonderful arrangements and photos! I see you were an intern at the BBG. I spent many happy hours there when I lived in Brooklyn.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Jane-you flatter me. I've seen your work and I'm sure you need no reminding from me about the loveliness of any plant. But thanks!

Jen. Me too. Both before, during and after the internship. It is a special place.

the fishermans cottage said...

Beautiful arrangements ... magical :) x