Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mid-September Wednesday at Brooklyn Botanic, Last Year

Moonflower vine flower bud before opening, Cranford Rose Garden, Brooklyn Botanic, 2010

Wednesday mornings of last year were spent in the Rose Garden at Brooklyn Botanic along with my fellow horticultural interns and Sarah, the rosarian. On this particular Wednesday in mid-September, one year ago exactly, I remember standing with Ayana admiring the incredible beauty of the Moonflower vine and a flower bud getting ready to open, perhaps later that evening or the next. It was a day of bright sun. Dainty Bess, a hybrid tea I fell in love with, was blooming and some honey bees were visiting.

And over near the Children's Garden, the Nyssa was starting to turn. Perhaps it is the light of the end of this summer that has turned me nostalgic. But I have the feeling that I ought to visit Brooklyn Botanic to see what color that Nyssa is this year and take in some new moments of botanical bliss.

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