Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busting Out

Allium buds opening in May, Brooklyn

Ornamental Allium opening in foreground, with a close relative of the eating kind (garlic) in the background.

Last week was one of those big weeks in the garden where everything finally busted out or tripled in size, and on Sunday I wondered if I sat still long enough would I actually hear the garlic stretching toward the sun or catch an allium flower in its opening. It was the week in May where the spring vegetable garden hit its stride and also the week that my decorative alliums from Susan started their show.

Allium flower buds, Brooklyn

For the first time this season, I looked around and felt that I had dominion over a garden and not just a straw-strewn field of weeds. Now, I'm looking forward to harvesting lettuce, seeing blooms of yarrow and lavender, and discovering what's next for the Lily below. On the pest front, in the next few weeks I'll start scouting for Colorado Potato Beetles. Usually I start seeing them before the end of May.

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