Sunday, May 15, 2011

In Joe's Garden Plot Mid-May

Bumblebee on Hairy Vetch, May, Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn

Bumble Bee (native pollinator) on Hairy Vetch

Joe loves his cover crops in the garden and so it seems do the local bumblebees. Above, one on the hairy vetch we got from our friend Martha in the next row over. He also loves his herbs and his sage below is getting ready to bloom big real soon.

Sage flower buds, Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn

The chives are ahead of the sage and almost fully open. You have to love those chive flowers. They're so beautiful in bloom and those flowers are really sharp and tasty in a salad. What more could you possibly ask of a plant in the vegetable garden?

Chive flower opening, Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn

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