Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hitting Stride

Oakleaf lettuce, Floyd Bennett Garden Association

With only a month to go until the next season and just as the warm weather crops are moving in, the spring vegetable garden hits its stride. The harvests will be getting bigger. This year, I'm happy that I may finally get some decent sized broccoli. Previous attempts at fall-grown broccoli were less successful for me down at Floyd Bennett. One year, Adriann gave me seedlings in late summer and the snails and slugs were the only benefiters. But those leggy seedlings that sat on the windowsill this winter and went in the garden under plexiglass are producing florets.

Broccoli floret, Brooklyn


frank@nycg said...

That plexiglas must've been the trick. I planted one batch mid march and they're big now, but still no florets.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Maybe. But, the plexi came off a long time ago and they only seemed to thrive once it came off. Maybe mine is an earlier variety? Hard to say because Joe's were planted at the same time as mine, same variety, and they aren't produding florets yet either. I'll tell you this though. Getting broccoli this year makes me think I'll probably lose out on something else, maybe carrots or beets.