Friday, January 7, 2011

Corylopsis, Winter Hazel

Corylopsis in winter, Brooklyn Botanic

It's not quite the time for Winter Hazel to shine at Brooklyn Botanic, despite its common name. I happen to think its pretty in any season, especially its buds and its form right now in winter. To catch the different Corylopsis in bloom at Brooklyn Botanic in late winter and early spring is pretty lucky in my book and apparently in Robin Lane Fox's book, too. In this gardening expert's recent book, "Thoughtful Gardening" he says, "Corylopsis is happy in North America and is nowhere better than in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York...". Nowhere better. I caught the buds of just one of the garden's Corylopsis specimens not long before sunset yesterday on a walk with Anne, and we reminisced about how stunning the blooms were in the first weeks our internship last year.

Corylopsis, Winter hazel buds in low light, winter, Brooklyn Botanic

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