Sunday, January 23, 2011

Got Bark

Paperbark maple in winter, The New York Botanical Garden

Fantastic bark on a beautiful Paperbark Maple, The New York Botanical Garden

Winter might be a great time to appreciate bark, especially on a tree with such rich color and texture like the Paperbark Maple at The New York Botanical garden above, but it doesn't have to be winter for the bark of a fantastic tree to catch your eye. The bark of the American Persimmon and the Katsuratree are beautiful on any given day. I can't remember ever passing by those two trees at Brooklyn Botanic without admiring their stunning bark.

Bark of American persimmon, Native Flora Garden, Brooklyn Botanic

American Persimmon in Brooklyn Botanic's Native Flora Garden

Katsuratree bark, Brooklyn Botanic

Katsuratree, outside of Japanese Garden, Brooklyn Botanic

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