Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Days

Dogwood buds in winter, New York Botanical Garden

Buds of Cornus florida, our beautiful native dogwood

are just better than other days. The light is just a little brighter and somehow softer at the same time and everything feels magical. It doesn't hurt to be somewhere majestic too. Today I attended a lecture at the New York Botanical Garden with Susan and Anne. We listened to talks about the city's ecological past and possible future, and learned something about how landscape architects think about plants and how people's experiences are shaped by them in public spaces. And then we went outside briefly on the meticulous grounds at the New York Botanical Garden and were knocked out by some of the amazing specimens around us. They are species we know, like the Dogwood and the Pieris japonica, but it kind of seemed like these plants wanted to reintroduce themselves to us and remind us of their fabulousness. It's a pretty good time of year to really look at these two plants. It's hard to believe they will ever be more beautiful than they were today, but they will.

Pieris japonica red flower buds in winter, New York Botanical Garden
Pieris japonica flower buds

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