Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dark Days

Lavender flowers dried hanging on corkboard

It's a good thing that winter isn't going to last as long as the dried lavender on the corkboard above. I'd have to change the name of this blog to Inside Now and Stir Crazy, or Waiting for the Sun to Set After 5:00pm. We're getting close though (to an after 5pm sunset, not to spring). Tonight's sunset was at 4:53pm and totally without fanfare. It was such a winter's grey cloudy sky that the sunset almost seemed imaginary. When this lavender was blooming last year in mid to late May, I took the photo below in the evening after work. There was enough light left then to do a 20 mile (roundtrip) bike ride down to the community garden and enough light for the digital camera to take a somewhat clear photo at 7:45pm.

Dried herbs and flowers are all that's left of the vegetable garden now. We ate the last Eggplant Parmigiana already.

Lavender flowers at Floyd Bennett Garden, Brooklyn

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