Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Visit of the Year to Floyd Bennett

rust colored decidious needles of the baldcypress with snow and ducks in the background
Some rust-colored leaves/needles of the Bald Cypress in winter at Floyd Bennett, Brooklyn.

Icy snow drifts linger at Floyd Bennett with some garden plots covered still by feet and others with mostly bare ground. Joe's kale grows slowly in his cold frame. The only remnants of my garden plot remaining above the snow line are the aster, basil and Verbena bonariensis seedheads, and the entire community garden mostly belongs to the Canadian geese. Sadly, a birds nest that was made in Joe's birdhouse gourd was lost to the racoons. We found the broken gourd lying not too far from the willow it was hanging in, tracks and what we assume is racoon scat.

Broken birdhouse gourds with evidence of a birds nest left behind inside

The pussy willows below aren't nearly as early as the ones that opened at Brooklyn Botanic in December, but there are hints of white already. There's nothing really to do at the garden this time of year except wander around taking in the beauty. Joe turned his compost and we brought the tools home for some winter polishing.

Pussy willow buds, some slightly open, at Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn in winter

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