Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hellebores, Inside and Out

Hellebores in December along Washington Avenue, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Inside Brooklyn Botanic's Palm House today at the Metrohort PlantO'Rama event, there were blooming Hellebores galore. For purchase and for admiring. Outside, beneath this winter's snow, I imagine the plants are still waiting. I couldn't help but wonder about the ones in the garden Jennifer tends along Washington Avenue. In early December, in the last days before it turned bitterly cold, they looked like they were just itching to bloom. It's hard not to think about blooms with a pile full of new garden catalogs to thumb through and images of all the specimens from the speakers' slideshows dancing in your head. But it's still going to be at least two months before it's even time to sow peas outside in the garden down at Floyd Bennett this year. It feels like it's going to be a long wait this snowy winter. Hope I get to see those Hellebores along Washington Avenue pictured here blooming before then. The ones today were so lovely.

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