Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Two Brooklyn Waterfronts in Winter

Ring-billed gulls, Jamaica Bay
Ring-billed Gulls in two winter stages (perhaps?), Jamaica Bay, Floyd Bennett Field

I'm no birder, but the spillover from learning to identify plants continues. Cornell's Lab of Ornithology website was my goto in attempting to name the birds above. The fruit of the Sumac below is a familiar sight from bike rides down to the garden at Floyd Bennett, where both Staghorn and Smooth Sumac grow, seemingly wild by the roadside. Here the fruit is near the East River at Brooklyn Bridge Park, perhaps planted, perhaps a volunteer or pioneer. One of these days, perhaps we will make lemonade from the berries in summer.

Smooth Sumac berries, Brooklyn Bridge Park

Smooth Sumac, Rhus glabra (methinks) fruit by the East River, Brooklyn Bridge Park

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