Monday, January 3, 2011

Evergreen in Prospect Park

pine tree needles dangling in late afternoon sun, Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Identifying conifers is not a strong suit for me, so focusing on these trees is a good winter project. I know the tree above is a pine, with long needles in bunches of 5, but I'm not positive it's one of our natives the White Pine. Maybe it's a Himalayan Pine, which has similar needles and even cones. Below, an evergreen holly not too far from the Grand Army Plaza entrance. Hopefully, 2011 is kind to the trees at Prospect Park, evergreen and otherwise. This park saw a lot of damage and the loss of trees in the storms of last year.

Evergreen holly leaves, Prospect Park, Brooklyn


frank@nycg said...

My guess, Eastern White, but a guess only without bark and other identifiers.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Thanks for the input Frank and for checking out my blog. I enjoy yours.